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Founded in 1873, Foote, Cone and Belding is the world's third oldest agency and a part of the InterPublic Group. Today, FCB is one of the top three advertising agencies in the USA and ranks number 10 in the world with 150 office in 90 countries.
FCB Ulka can trace its lineage in India to Ulka Advertising, which was founded in 1961. Starting out as a creative hot shop FCB Ulka hit the top ten within the first decade. FCB Ulka made a smooth transition from a creative hot shop to a large mainstream agency. By the mid-seventies FCB Ulka had become the fifth largest agency in India and has continued to be among the top five agencies.
Today 53 of FCB Ulka brands are category leaders. Brands built from scratch and nurtured over 25 years. Brands that were non-existent when FCB Ulka was assigned the business, but are today case studies in marketing and advertising. Santoor toilet soap, where research and focused advertising saw sales grow four-fold against stiff competition from Levers and P&G brands. Indica V2, which took on the mighty Maruti and Hyundai to firmly establish itself as the leader in its class. Not surprisingly, FCB Ulka is seen as a turnaround specialist. An agency that does brand building and more.
About FCBUlka
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